Of all the ’80s super cars that have a cult following the Ferrari F40 is at the top of the food chain. This was the first time I’ve ever seen an F40 in person and it is a true race inspired super car. A three point eight liter V8, dual over head cam, dry sump oil system, with twin turbos, intercoolers, and no traction control. Manual transmission with a factor twin disc, no power steering, no ABS, mid-engine rear wheel dive. The Ferrari F40 is car you couldn’t make in 2017 for a number of reasons.

Ferrari F40 Side Shot

The lines of the car from the side are beautiful. The vents on the side are functional and look like ones used on jet air craft.

Ferrari F40

The light shines in from the back lexan and sunlight lets you see a glimpse of the exhaust through the back mesh almost as if it is a woman’s lingerie.

Ferrari F40 Rear EndThe rear wing works so well with the flow of the car.

One lug wheels over Brembo brakes. The red clip stops the lug from coming off.

Super simple but stylish dash. Function defines dictates form.

Ferrari F40 Side Back Door Open

Ferrari F40 Hood and Trunk openParty in the back. Business on the track.

This is where the magic happens. Air comes in from the side inlets and gets compressed in the turbo chargers. The compressed air goes through intercoolers which cools the air before being pushed through the manifold into the cylinder heads. Air and fuel mix in the cylinders where it is compressed again before being ignited. The exhast goes out the manifolds which spin the hot side of the turbos. Or simply put squish boom bang!

Ferrari F40 Air Suspension Roberuta

Ferrari F40 Air Suspension

Ferrari F40 Air Suspension Roberuta Lift System because curbs and stuff.

Ferrari F40 Tail LightsRaised up.

Ferrari F40 Rear endIt sounds great but it was actually quieter than you would expect (because of the turbo).

Ferrari F40 Front

I’m not 100% please with these pics so I will shoot some more when he puts the black wheels on the car.

The Ferrari F40 is a real drivers car from the 1980s. From a time when cars didn’t come with bluetooth, autopilot, back up cameras, and power everthing. Forever a dream car.