Photos by Greg Szoda

GRIDLIFE Midwest was so crazy this summer it is hard to put into words. There are many superlatives that get used everyday that they’ve become overused. The best way to put it is GRIDLIFE Midwest is a perfect storm of racing, cars, music, kicking it, camping, and partying. If you’re a gear head and haven’t experienced a GRIDLIFE event you are doing yourself a huge diservice. You’re in luck they’re doing an event at Road Atlanta this August but if that is too far there is always next year.

I think one of the things I love about the event is the people that come for the time attack and driving. The drivers are some really awesome people who are the base/foundation for the event. There is definitely competition but it is in a friendly spirit. There is not much drama that I have heard about or seen- unlike car show cliques and crews. (Chances are I’m not talking about you. [But if I am don’t take stickers and Instagram so fucking seriously])

This Airlift Equipped STi was tearing up the track showing people that air suspenstion can get down with the bad asses.

Super clean R34 spotted in the pits between runs.

Simba spotted in the pits

Alot of battle damage.

Some pretty impressive race cars have been showing up. This Porsche was one of a few there.

William Au-Yeung of Vibrant Performance / PZtuning was there going fast as hell around gingerman. He is also going to Australia to compete in World Time Attack.

This gnarly LS Swapped 350z is driven by Savannah Little.

This gnarly LS Swapped 350z is driven by Savannah Little.

Falken Tires. Bless you.

Quite the setup. Porsche on Volk Racing wheels. *eggplant emoji*


I feel like there are more domestics showing up lately which is cool with me. It is good to see lap battle grow.


You don’t lose points for cleanliness when you’re racing.

A big misconception about driving is that you need a lot of horse power on the race track. Whether you’re learning or more advanced driving with evenly matched cars can be a ton of fun. Some of the Rambler’s fam at gridlife started driving fits on the track because they are ubiquitous and cheap. Spec fit was born.

What it is all about “Have fun!” This is Mikey’s fit they had some one graffiti for GRIDLIFE.


BOSS Kit on a 240. This car is cool as fuck. Whine about the motor swap, nerds. I don’t care. We get it you like inline fours and inline sixes. Fine. go build your own 240sx with an over priced JDM swap.

Chirp’n 3rd

Hot blonde and bike. Aw yeah.

Some nice Subarus.

This camping setup is cool. I’ve never seen it in the wild.

Packing ’em in.

Rumor has it Vaughn Gittin Jr. high-fived a bald eagle while doing a burn out and shotgunning a Monster energy drink. That is completely false but it is an alternate universe I would like to believe exists.


Drifting brings all the boys and girls to the yard. Like milkshakes.

This is it for part 1 of the GRIDLIFE Midwest coverage. If you can make it out to the GRIDLIFE South event I highly recommend it. It will be a rager. Here is the event page and here is the official website.