Photos by Greg "Glock" Szoda and words by ShockerJoe

GRIDLIFE rallied the troops from the Midwest to invade Road Atlanta for GRIDLIFE South. We drove through the night Thursday to show up to Road Atlanta at 8am. As soon as we showed up the pit area was packed with race cars, tow rigs, and drift jaunts- so began an epic weekend. Day one of GRIDLIFE South the drivers were learning the course. Road Atlanta is a whole different animal compared to Gingerman Raceway, which many people consider the “home track”. Gingerman Raceway is 2.2 miles long and has lots of room to run-off (or slide off). Road Atlanta is 2.5 miles long with some big changes in elevation and walls on parts of the race track.

This is a very light part one of our GRIDLIFE South coverage. There are way more photos coming of the drifting, time attack, partying, and car show. If you weren’t there you should have been.

If you are in the Mid-west there are a few more events on the GRIDLIFE calendar so check out for more information and dates.

This little BMW 2002 was one of the few older imports at involved in the racing over the weekend. It is rough but whats not to love. I didn’t even realize until I saw Gregg’s coverage that apparently it has a s2000 motor in it.

Straight out of Nashville a young mother fudger named Johnny Salami

VIP Style Lexus at the GRIPROYAL Booth

This Honda Civic came very close to breaking the front wheel drive record for Road Atlanta. That record is still held by Chris Rado. I recommend that the driver grow mutton chop side burns. I have inside info that is what gives Rado his edge. (Sorry Chris Rado [You’re not gonna read this so why am I apologizing?]) But I want to point out also that it was EXTREMELY hot this weekend and Chris had Scion Racing’s support too. (Chris don’t murder me.)

Mad respect for anyone tracking a Supra instead of hiding it away in the garage.

This is the same BMW 2002 posted up earlier.

EVO in the GRIDLIFE livery

Honda Racing from Alabama ( I think? ) brought out this Honda Odyssey race van. Do it in a van!

This thing is one of my favorite cars on that comes out to GRIDLIFE. GM Powered Datsun 510 by Crude Engineering.

Super Street drove here with this Subaru Wagon all the way from Southern California.

Donkey Power Injection had this clean Mazda RX7 there at their booth.


There goes my heerroo, watch him as he goes,

Knuck if you buck

Joey Lee from the Chronicles and Tiffany Marie who braved the humidity to come to Atlanta and cover GRIDLIFE.

Flag Nor Fail Supras.. which have V8s. Hey fuck it. MERICA.