Photos by Greg "Glock Photo" Szoda

We’re coming up on the end of the GRIDLIFE South Coverage. Part 3 was by Clayton Hooker. Part 4 is by Greg Szoda. HERE. WE. GO!

This Lexus is so clean it was by the Southrnfresh booth. They were involved in getting the car show organized for GRIDLIFE South.

BMW Posted up at the Slammedenuff Booth at GRIDLIFE South


Shane’s EM1 Del Sol over by the GRIDLIFE Booth.

Dodge VIPER in the Pit Area.

So awesome to see this thing at the track.

Nemesis5.0 is pretty popular on the inter webs and instagrams.

CRUDE Engineering’s Datsun 510 gets a lot of lens love. Because it’s a fucking cool race car!

Holy Aero batman.

This BMW 2002 is pretty rough but it is really freaking cool. You kinda of have to over look a cars roughness if it gets driven hard. (Unless it is unsafe. Safety first fools!)

This is the cockpit of the BMW 2002. You can spot the Honda ECU for the swap on the floor board / passenger side… Looks like it also uses the Honda S2000 Cluster. Again, it isn’t super pretty but it is functional and that makes it cool.

 One of the Porsches with Track.One who came from Nashville to be a part of GRIDLIFE South at Road Atlanta.

The other Porsche with Track.One at GRIDLIFE South.

Someone hit the wall. :-/ A few people did at the event but no one was injured.


 \ \

Whew lad!

LUIS in his RAMBLERS Racing Livery Honda Civic Si

I’m pretty sure that this is a Hertz Rental Mustang. Whew lad!


Vaughn Gittin Jr. Gittin’ it.

Four wide tandem getting side ways. Whew lad.

No one was injured by this mustang.

I see you Joseph. I see you.


Whew lad. Johnny Five alive.


Tiffany Marie Chow came with Joey Lee to cover the event for the Chronicles.

These dudes were pranking their friend in the portapotty. Cruel.


Stay hydrated.

Part 5 is coming soon!