GRIDLIFE South had a lot going on so we had 3 different photographers shooting the event. So far part one and two has consisted solely of Greg Szoda’s photos. Part 3 and 4 will be photos provided by Clayton Hooker.

Like I had written earlier: this Honda Odyssey is part of Honda Racing R&D from Alabama. They also brought an Acura MD-X out to the event that was really making some impressive moves on the track at Road Atlanta.

The crazy S2000 powered BMW 2002 that was in Part 1 of our GRIDLIFE South coverage.

EVO with the GRIDLIFE livery.

Joey Lee of the Chronicles shooting photos trackside.

Chris Forsberg’s Infinity tandem drifting with Von Gittin Jr.

This car came from Chicago to drift at Road Atlanta.

Bumper down. 🙁

Another Chicago Area dude drifting

 Risky Devil BMW getting sideways.

This Subaru is RWD and setup for drifting. Pretty unique.



Andrew WK showed up to show everyone how to party. Can confirm – he parties hard. He know how to put on a good show.

A wild Frank Downstar Garcia appeared.

SouthrnFresh ran the Car Show on saturday.

R33 Skylines are still a rare site compared to the R-32 which has gotten popular since it is in the 20 year old age limit for importing them to the US.

Johnny Salami’s honda S2000


Front end of the R33.

Johnny Salami’s S2k’s from.

S13 Babe’s silvia.

The track was hot and REALLY hot. The humidity had to be 90%


Cody Loveland of LoveFAB built this crazy monster to race on Pike’s Peak. Enviate Hypercar. Look it up.

Nick Swann doing his thing running the drifting portion of the event.

Damn Dorito Cars lining up to do some doritoing.

 Wakaflocka was there and got everyone hype as fuck.