Photos by Greg "Glock Photo" Szoda. Words by ShockerJoe.

Part one of our GRIDLIFE Coverage is here.

The GRIDLIFE event set out to bring road racing and motorsports to a wider audience than NASA or SCCA events. Not to knock those organizations, they have a rich history and are a great for drivers- they just happen to be light in attendance. GRIDLIFE wants to get the car show guys out of hard parking, the gamers out of the house, and more people on the track. GRIDLIFE in the great lakes is established. GRIDLIFE South was the next big step.

This is one of two V8 Turbo Supras that were at the event getting wide at road Atlanta.

 This Bug eye Subaru was part of the SouthrnFresh Showcase at GRIDLIFE South

Nissan 350z with the Rocket Bunny Kit

Lexus Land Yacht posted up at SouthrnFresh showcase at GRIDLIFE South

This is one of the two EXOCETs at the GRIDLIFE event. From what I remember Jon Wooley telling me is that these Exocets can be configured to be a road race chassis or an off road vehicle depending on what suspension / tires you run. Pretty Snazzy.

Exocet in offroad trim.

 First time I’ve seen a new Fiat modded like this. Pretty rad.



The CRUDE engineering Datsun 510. This thing is cooler than my exgirlfriends heart.

 Paddock naps.

I was there in the heat.. I completely understand.

I know what some people are thinking.. Why race a Honda Fit? Here is the ting- it is an affordable reliable car that might not have a lot of power but it has balance. When you’re starting out driving you don’t need 500WHP. In fact, a lot of people have shit load of fun with way less power.

This car, like we mentioned before, was really close to breaking the track record for FWD at Road Atlanta.

Straight out of Canada, eh. (Sorry. I can’t help it.)

Mikey’s B16 powered Honda Civic.. OHEYMIKEY on the instagrams.

A wild Chris Sullivan appeared. CRSFOTO on the instagrams.

Let it breathe.

Evo getting some work done in the pits.

Someone went off. It happens.

Not sure how they did it.. but they got some famous drifters there like a one Vaughn Gittin Jr. It might have just been a lot of money or maybe it was a sacrifice the dark lord baphomet. Maybe both.

Yes. The deadly mustang. No worries- no spectators were hurt.

Chris Forsberg brought out his personal drift toy that he uses to drive Uber between events. He was really nice to take these people out for exhibition runs.

I want to believe the guy in the back was face timing his girlfriend while tandeming with Vaughn Gittin Jr.


Shea Butter Flynn. No relation to Cocoa Butter Flynn.

 Don’t play no games with the wall, son. The wall doesn’t play no games. (For real: I’m sorry for who ever wrecked. I wouldn’t joke if I didn’t have all confidence that the driver is okay.)

BC Racing brought this bad boy out. Lordy.

Yeah. I really like this Datsun. Sorry. Deal with it.


Yeah, the Toyota Supra came with an inline six but this is America and this is a drift car.

Team Ramblers, a staple of GRIDLIFE, doing the laundry. Air dry that shit. Air dry.

I love an S2000 with a big wan– wing.

One of the Enjuku Racing cars out getting it. Enjuku a word for an old spanish ship.

This thing is rad. it is a RWD Subaru setup for drifting. NEAT.

Pretty cool selfie stick setup.

That is all we got for Part two. Part three has a shit load of photos as well. I think I may have another 2 or 3 posts seeing that it is a 3 day event – I wouldn’t be surprised. Follow us on instagram at @thelacedlife and on Facebook at Laceduplifestyle.