Garrett Jarboe’s Rocket Bunny Subaru Br-Z on Volk TE37SL

Imagine being a guy from Northern Kentucky not far from where the Corvette museum and where the Corvette is made. Now unlike most people in your neck of the woods, you some how end up liking import cars. “Rice burners.”

But hey it is 2015.. It is perfectly socially acceptable to like something other than a domestic, right? Apparently not. Well, you can own one but don’t modify it like Garrett did.. Apparently it gives people the license to harass you. Memes made about you, fake accounts made mimicking yours, and grown men spending hours of their day to try “troll” you.

What makes some people like a project makes other people hate it.

Lacedup Rocket Bunny Subaru Garret Jarboe BRZ

That is literally what happened. Several guys literally started to troll and be assholes to Garrett for no other reason then they don’t like his car. Probably because it has gained him a lot of attention. The interesting thing about it is the negativity is it doesn’t exacerbate Garrett one bit. It actually seems like it adds fire to the thing that drives him.

What makes some people like a project may make other people hate it– but  I think there is something more underlying the amount of hate Garrett gets over this car. It seems personal. He is a tall good looking guy with a lot going on..  so some short bald guys with small weiners must being doing all the hate. Whether he is getting hate or love Garrett is going to be building cars like this. Is there any such thing as bad publicity? Ultimately I think he does it for himself. He doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.