IA Summer Meet 2014 Pt 3
Stanced 325i


Little Meg Lee Posing for the Camera


Oh lord.

Meg Posing on Garrett’s S2000


Honda S2000 with Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus

Might have had too much fun with the cardboard cut outs


Honda Del sol at the Stance Competition



Slammed Sti on CCWs


CRX front the mid-west



Kyle Gessler’s Civic Si with the Jsracing booth in background


This guy.

Honda Fit on TE-37


The crowd watching the limbo competition.

Matt Tucker in his CTR

Matt’s CTR Again.


Slammed Mercedes

Crowd Watching the limbo competition.



Hondapro Jason with Frank Garcia of Downstar Inc.

HondaPro Jason with some fans. Check him out at his YouTube channel.


Honda Pro Jason with Morgan Ann.