Hotlanta IA Spring Meet

There is so much to say about ImportAlliance but what hasn’t been said? ImportAlliance started out as a small meet in Nashville that mostly Nashville Honda enthusiasts. Through internet forums, the word got out about their meet causing it to grow every single year. There used to be just the summer meet then they added a spring meet in Atlanta several years ago that was first hosted at the Georgia Dome Parking deck. After two years there, it outgrew the deck, so it moved one year to Turner field. One year of that and it was too big for that area so it had to move to the Atlanta Speedway. There are so many great memories that a lot of us have about the spring meet. It is always a great way to kick the winter blues and get into the swing of things bringing cars and friends back together from all over the US and Canada.

Import Alliance Atlanta Spring Meet 2017 370z
Nissan 370z on Vossen wheels at the Import Alliance Spring Meet

Import Alliance Atlanta Spring Meet 2018 Mini Cooper
Mini Cooper S

Import Alliance Atlanta Spring Meet 2018 Deftmotion S2000
Jared & Drew’s S2000s. Such voltex. Many aero. Wow.

Import Alliance Atlanta Spring Meet Datsun Truck Lil HustlerLil’ Hustler and friends. I see you Cashi.

Import Alliance Atlanta Spring Meet 2018

Miguel Paz’s Kswap Civic

There are always some great vanity plates.

Old School Rola.


Hybridracing Shifter at the Hybridracing booth.

Someone admiring Matt Fox’s Civic

Another Shot of Matt’s Turbo K-series Civic Hatch.




This is just part 1 of 2 of  the Import Alliance Atlanta Spring Meet photos. Check back soon for more.