Photos by Glock Photo

Importalliance fall meet 2014 took it back to where it all started. A mall outside of Nashville, TN. The first summer meets started there. Every season they grew into something bigger. The summer meets are where people get their first taste of what IA is like. From there the fall meets and spring meets continued to grow as well. Now every single meet Import Alliance has is huge. Atlanta, Kentucky, Nashville, and even texas is showing huge promise. Next year shows some potentially exciting developments.

Slammedenuff / Charlan’s Civic Si

 Adam Holt’s Integra Type R with J’s Racing spoiler, lip, valve cover, and a whole lot more.


 Dan’s STi on work meisters

 Dan’s STi on work meisters


Ethan Hamilton’s RSX

 Matt Tucker’s k series civic type r

 Wes at the Lacedup booth being a boss.

Bobby’s Turbo B-series Hatch


  Steve Lowell’s K-swapped jackson racing supercharged hatch with sprint hart cp-rs and BYS lip

Look back at it.

Acura RSX on Enkei ht-03 wheels with Wilwood brakes.

Bobby’s Turbo B-series rocking Downstar Spike hardware




Brada Wheels on a JDM 180sx









Chris Sullivan caught in the wild.



Martell’s integra gold plated and polished out


Martell’s Integra on his gold plated Hasemi wheels.



Garret Jarboe’s Widebody FR-S

Garret Jarboe’s Widebody FR-S

Garrett Jarboe’s Rocket Bunny FR-S


Honda S2000 on Work Meisters

Rays TE37

Honda S2000


Part 2 of the Import Alliance Coverage coming soon.