Photos by Mike Kuhn

If you don’t follow the ImportAlliance meets it is important to realize they had very humble beginnings. The first meet they host happened to have a few hundred cars. Jump to now. People were adding themselves to the Facebook invite page by the hundreds every hour. As soon as it was posted, it was clear the Altanta meet was going to be huge. Thousands of people were signed up in 24 hours.

The day of the event there were no less than 10k people signed up for the meet at Atlanta Motorspeedway. ImportAlliance spring meet was one that won’t be forgotten.

CCW Yellow S2000 Honda Slammed
CCW had their booth and cars out side. This gorgeous yellow s2k was just a small piece of eye candy they had displayed.


toyota frs complete custom wheels
 Gold CCW LM5T Wheels on a Toyota FR-S. JUST LOOK AT IT.

CCW classics on s2000 with toyota ft-s on lm5t in the background import alliance spring meet
Classics in the foreground and LM5Ts in the background


import alliance spring meet lm5t toyota frs
“I love goooolllld.”


importalliance slammed subaru
Tucking in the rear at ImportAlliance Spring meet


import alliance spring meet complete custom wheels s2000
Dat ass.

Subaru on CCW Importalliance spring meet

Complete custom wheel booth s2000 Frs
 Early morning.

Importalliance spring meet lacedup booth mike kuhn racing rx8
 Mike Kuhn’s RX-8 at the LacedUp booth at the Spring meet.


Importalliance spring meet ass to ass evo voltes wings
TWERK TEAM evos with Voltex Wings.


complete custom wheels on fr-s
 We know there was more than CCW there but daaaamn that looks sick.

IA Spring meet porsche
Porsche looking so fresh.

Porsche stance fitted fitment importalliance

Rutledge Wood VW truck smyth performance Shockerjoe
Rutledge Wood from Top Gear USA and Lost in Transmission was there with his VW TDi truck conversion.


acura nsx on bbs lm
Acura NSX lowered on BBS LM wheels. Wow.

slammedenuffs coupe
Red Si on Avant Garde Wheels

Noah’s civic.

Fancy. Raised strut towers and some things are shaved in the bay. Booster Deleted.

spring meet jade nsx
The jade crew NSX. This thing has been around a long time. Lots of respect for this guy here.

mp40 eg6 civic track car
Bryson’s MP40 themed EG track whore. This car competes in some events with RWD or Mid-engine cars and puts a hurting on them. But Bryson pointed out to me it has little to do with the car and everything to do with the driver.




Jon Wooley’s Porsche

Nissan GT-R Import alliance





Bear Dellinger's 240sx
I think this is Bear Dellinger’s 240sx



LS powered rx7 on ccw
This thing sounds like an absolute monster at idle. 9 second LS powered Rx7.

LS powered rx7 on ccws

Swifbboys wide body s2000
Swifbboy aka Chris Hall’s Wide Body S2000 on Volk TE37SL Wheels.

Mazda RX7 Big Country Labs
A different Mazda RX-7



Brides and Takata harnesses go together like PB&J

Another shot of the porsche because why not.



Avant Garde Wheels Close Up









NSX from the front.

NSX on TE-37s. How god intended.

White Gojira

“Import alliance is all junk they said, its all hondas they said.”…………

Brada Wheels Mercedes Importalliance spring meet


That concludes part one of the IA spring meet from the eyes / lens of Mike Kuhn Racing. Part 2 coming soon. Thanks!