Photos by Greg "Glock Photo" Szoda

ImportAlliance Summer Meet 2016 was back at the Kentucky Motor Speedway in Sparta, KY for the third time. Which is the longest the Summer Meet has been at any location besides Nashville. Even though it has been several years I still hear and see people talking about Nashville. The summer meet is always hot but definitely a good time for everyone to catch up with friends.

I have been coming to ImportAlliance since at least 2007. At that time ImportAlliance only had a summer meet that was heavily attended by people who used car forums like Honda-Tech, Tennspeed, and ImportAtlanta. At the time we started to come to Importalliance for cars. Now we come back for the people. The car friends over the years have turned into car family. That is why we have no problem driving far and getting up early.

 Brandon Whited’s S2000 on Work Equips in line to get into the ImportAlliance Summer Meet 2016

 Matt Wirtz’s in his STi in line to get in to the summer meet. We featured this STi here.

 Lindsey Murphy getting her Lexus detailed before entering showcase

 Joe’s K-series powered Honda EF on Volk Racing TE-37s

A clean Ninth Gen Civic Si



  A mint Vortech Supercharged Subaru BR-Z

Acura TSX rebadged


This wheel belongs to one of the cleanest SRT-4s I’ve ever seen. This car is really amazing. There are more photos to follow.

  Mikie Sorrell’s Mitsubishi Starion

Nissan GT-R with the Prior Design wide body

VIP Lexus rocking work Equips from Ohio

 Ohio JDM Direct’s Civic Type R



 Luis AKA Pancake built this Civic Si as part of Ramblers Racing Crew. Not just a hard parker.




 Mint Audi fitted with BBS Wheels

  Mint Audi fitted with BBS Wheels Close Up of the Dish

  Geoff’s Audi S5 on Rotiforms


 GT-R in the Paddock at the track

 Assassin Motorsport’s GTR

 ShockerJoe’s Acura Integra with K24 swap

 Johnny Tsunami’s Honda S2000 on Volk TE-37SL wheels

  Honda S2000 with CCW D11L wheels

 Nasty Subaru Sti

  Itasha Style Mitsubishi. Itasha is when anime graphics are applied to a car.

 Here is another look at the SRT-4 I pointed out earlier. Look at that turbo setup. Shit.

 Jared’s S2k with more chin than Jay Leno. Vortex this. Wasp that. Dayum.



 The K-Miata. The K-series swapped miata.

 Grant and Chris from GRIDLIFE

 Chris “the sausage king of chicago” Sullivan’s S2000. He drives the hell out of this car. To events and races.

It was hot as hell but everyone had a blast. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our coverage of the summer meet. Check back for more soon.