Here is part 2 of the ImportAlliance Summer Meet for 2016. Photos by Greg “Glock Photo” Szoda.

 For the ImportAlliance Summer Meets they came up with some events that people could participate in with their friends. They have several classes of car limbo. That is why people are all over these cars.





Another thing they had at the event was the car cram. They had teams of people try and fit as many bodies as possible into this sedan. It was probably 115 degrees in that car. I don’t want know what it smelled like in there..

 Haha this poor fuck.

 Geoff’s Audi S5 with air ride on Rotiforms

 ShockerJoe’s Integra. Acura integra with k-swap, backyard special front bump and neo chrome valve cover.


Volkswagen CC with one piece ROTIFORMs at the Eurofaction booth at IA

 The Import Alliance Booth

 Martell brought the engine for his integra to show off the detail that is going into his build.


 Brandon Whited’s (AKA Nightfurys2k) Honda S2000 inside the paddock at the Import Alliance Summer Meet

 Brandon Whited’s Work Equips on his s2k

 This exceptionally clean DA Integra was at the Honda-Tech booth at Import Alliance Summer Meet

  Jimmy Dudley’s Turbo Integra


 A wild Meg Lee has appeared.


 Steve ZZTop Sagraves’ TSX
Ricky Kinder and Zach Farrington by the Honda Tech Booth

Wes Henderson’s Jetta Posted Up Chillin

 Assassin Motorsports / Josh Israel’s GTR


  Booty n Pizzaaa

 Johnny Tsunami’s S2000

 Crazy Lexus with the Oni camber

 The infamous SlowGTR from 1320 Video fame

 I love the license plate. TAG ME

 Thrust vectoring exhaust? Is this a blue angel?

Charlan from Slammedenuff’s Civic

 Charmander? Nah. Charlan From Slammedenuff’s Civic

MPC Rear Subframe Brace and Drop rear lower control arms on ShockerJoe’s Integra

 Condiment boys

 Jared’s Honda S2000 with Wasp Composite and Voltex Aero

 Makayla, John, and Jared posted up