Rocket Bunny RX7 three quarter view

We went down to Myrtle Beach for Dankfest. The buzz online for the event was really good- but I wasn’t siren what to expect. The dankfest event I went to last year had a great turn out and had a good variety – but this was a new venue, new area, and different state.

This car was there from North Carolina before we even got set up. I wasn’t staring at it all day long. This is the first time I’ve ever seen the Rocket Bunny aero for the RX7 in person. I really liked what I saw.  The over fenders give a lot of room for some wide work equip wheels with low offets and sticky tires.



Rocket Bunny rear wing Mazda rx7

The carbon wing is chassis mounted

img_2923 The lips of these work wheels are insanely wide.

RX7 sleepy eye headlights rocketbunny aero

the sleepy eyed look

img_2927 img_2957 img_2959 img_2960