Toyota FT-1

The successor to the Supra is still going under changes. In the most recent version of the Toyota FT-1 there are some dramatic changes. It looks absolutely stunning in silver. The latest design of the interior on this model is beautiful. Lets all pray, hope, and scream that the Toyota FT-1 concept becomes a reality. In the red car the interior was much different. Black with large red accent pieces.

Toyota FT-1 Wheel Shot

Toyota Ft-1

Toyota Ft-1I love the lines and the details of this interior. It flows so well with the exterior of the car. It reminds the driver that they are in a super car.

The seats are so aesthetically pleasing that it makes me want a set for my man-cave. (I can dream right?)


Toyota Ft-1 This gas cap reminds me of the Toyota 2000 GT I used to dream about.

Toyota Ft-1Oh, Yes.

See through hood.


Toyota Ft-1



Toyota Ft-1


The next few years could be a very exciting time to be a car buyer. With automakers like Toyota releasing stunning designs like the FT-1 and the FR-S, who knows what other manufacturers will do to get attention from consumers. Car designs like these renew my faith in humanity. Life is too short to drive boring cars.