Photos by Mike Kuhn Racing



Tuner Evolution Charlotte NC 2014 coverage. After starting in the York PA area, Jay Martinez and his crew, put in the effort to show the import community a good time. It out grew York and made the move to the city of Brotherly love- Philadelphia. One this year event wasn’t enough so Jay added another location in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The J’s Racing Crew was in force. Bradley L’s Full Carbon J’s Racing Widebody Honda S2000


Bradley L’s Full Carbon J’s Racing Widebody Honda S2000

Super Charged and Aftercooled S2000

The wheels and fitment on this VW GTI are crazy. I love the rear fender.

BBS wheels and gold bolts. I need gold bolts..


Sinister Black Sti

If you want to be different.. This purple is different. Looks like candy.

Blue with the deep bronze looks great on this FD RX7

I dig this RX8 on on Work XD9s

Slammed Sti with the lovely Sami K

Air’d out. Big body.

Subaru built wagon with a lot of detail. This thing is killer.

Evo X with the mini me version too.

Zen Motors Zip Up

Boosted TSX on TE37 wheels.

Blue RSX on Work CR-Kais


Evo X on Avant Gard Wheels

Balling out of control.

This Subaru forester is rad. Love it.

Slammed Civic SI Coupe

Wow this is a clean Nissan 240sx. You don’t see that many this clean.

Color matched wheel faces on this clean 350z. Slick.

Mike Kuhn’s own Mazda RX8

That wraps the first part of our Tuner Evolution Coverage. Don’t miss the next one. Check out for more info. Thanks to Mike Kuhn Racing for the photos.